Elder Financial Abuse

Host:  Jim Shoemaker  Guest:  Scott Jordan 


What Investing Is and Why It Is So Simple / Mutual Funds - Advantages

Host:  Jim Shoemaker Guests:  Rusty Leonard, Michael Powell and Scott Jordan


Covid’s Effect on Home & Auto / Covid Healthcare Update / Memphis Leadership Foundation

Host:  Jim Shoemaker  Guests:  Larry Loyd, Dane Williams and Shannon Dyson


Covid and Your Social Security / How to Select an Advisor

Host:  Jim Shoemaker  Guests:  Kurt Czarnowski, Frank Allen and Scott Jordan


Protecting your credit during a pandemic / Economic effects of Covid-19

Host:  Jim Shoemaker Guests: Nancy Crawford butcher, Drew Johnson and Scott Jordan


Care Plan for Older Adults and Children / To-Do Lists for Surviving Spouses

Host:  Jim Shoemaker  Guests:  Rob Clement, David Rochester and Shannon Dyson


Covid-19 Stresses on Children /How to Stay Calm During a Financial Crisis

Host:  Jim Shoemaker  Guests: Jamie Fish -Bellevue biblical Counseling, Ted Minor, Michael Powell and Shannon Dyson


BBB Warning of New Scams / What to do if you get laid off?

Host: Jim Shoemaker  Guests: Rusty Leonard, Nancy Crawford Butcher, Shannon Dyson and Scott Jordan


Psychological Affects of Covid-19 / Career Transitioning / Info on CARES Act

Host:  Jim Shoemaker  Guests:  Jamie Fish, Bellevue Biblical Counseling, Richard Redmont and Shannon Dyson


Angel Street Ministries / Information on CARES Act and COVID-19

Host:  Jim Shoemaker  Guests:  Jill Dyson, Ruth Abigail, Shannon Dyson and Scott Jordan

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