“Post-Election Update”, “Common Investing Misconceptions”, “2021 Tax Planning”


Popular Misconceptions about Bonds, Portfolio Construction, Selecting the Portfolio Mix Best Suited to Your Risk-Taking, Charitable Giving


“How to Handle Stress During the Holidays”, “Estate Planning Basics”, “Avoiding Common Estate Planning Mistakes

Jim Shoemaker

Jamie Fish, Bellevue Baptist Church – “How to Handle Stress During the Holidays”

Scott Jordan, CFP, Shoemaker Financial – “Estate Planning Basics”

Tommy Armstrong, CFP, Shoemaker Financial – “Avoiding Common Estate Planning Mistakes”


Medicare Open Enrollment, 7 Deadly Sins of Investing, The Husband Institute

Shannon Dyson

Shoemaker Insurance Solutions


Scott Jordan CFP®

Shoemaker Financial Advisor


Pastor Ricky Floyd

Pursuit of God Church


 Jim Shoemaker, CFP®

Shoemaker Financial Advisor


“Must Know FAQs on Social Security” and “Elder Financial Abuse”

Host: Jim Shoemaker Guests Paul Malley, Ted Minor, Rob Clement


Medicare Open Enrollment, Estate Planning Basics, and Avoiding Common Estate Planning Mistakes

Guests: Shannon Dyson and Scott Jordan

Host: Jim Shoemaker


2020 Presidential Election / Portfolio Construction

Host: Jim Shoemaker  Guests: Scott Jordan and Michael Powell


Questions to Ask Before You Retire / Behavior Biases / COVID-19 and the Family

Host:  Jim Shoemaker  Guests:  Jamie Fish, Steve Anderson and David Rochester


Medicare /What To Do Before Buying a Home/ Home Insurance- Is It Covered

Host:  Jim Shoemaker Guests:  Shannon Dyson, Dane Williams and Scott Jordan


Social Security and Covid-19 / Christian Neighborhood Center / What Not To Do When Investing in the Market

Host:  Jim Shoemaker  Guests:  Kurt Czarnowski, Ephie Johnson, Anna Wilcox and Scott Jordan

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