The Most Regrettable Mistakes Retirees Made/5 Tips for Young Famlies

Guests:  Michael Powell and Cooper Smith  Host:  Jim Shoemaker


Social Security / Bellevue Loves Memphis

Guests:  Kurt Czarnowski and Ben Taylor  Host:  Jim Shoemaker


Debunking 10 Common Misconceptions about Retirement / How to Protect Yourself

Guests:  David Peel, Atty and Ted Minor  Host:  Jim Shoemaker


6 of the Biggest Financial Regrets People Made / ARISE2Read

Guests:  Karen Vogelsang, John Rountree and Jason Herrington  Host:  Jim Shoemaker


Seven Deadly Sins of Investing / Health Insurance Update / Property and Casualty

Guests:  Shannon Dyson and Dane Williams  Host:  Jim Shoemaker


Update on the Economy / Better Business Bureau

Guests:  Rusty Leonard and Nancy Butcher  Host:  Jim Shoemaker


Memphis Development / 6 Questions to Answer for Your Family before an Emergency

Guests:  Jacob Steimer and David Rochester  Host:  Jim Shoemaker


Market Update with Bob Doll / What Mutual Funds are and Their Advantages

Guests:  Bob Doll and Drew Johnson  Host:  Jim Shoemaker


Planning for the Unexpected / Neighborhood Christian Center

Guests:  Ephie Johnson and Anna Wilcox, Neighborhood Christian Center and  Frank Allen  Host:  Jim Shoemaker


Common Money Mistakes Young Professionals Make/Why Good Credit Is Important

Guests:  Michael Powell, and Cooper Smith  Host:  Jim Shoemaker

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